Ever lost your tent at a festival?

Posted on 12/05/2008

With festival season fast-approaching, it’s time to pack your wellies and head off to the countryside for weekends of music, mud and mayhem. Now finding your way around festival sites, and back to your tent at the end of a long day’s partying, has never been easier, thanks to ViewRanger.

A friend of ours once spent an hour and a half looking for her tent at Glastonbury. It was four in the morning, she was getting more and more frustrated, and other tent-dwellers were getting quite annoyed with her as well!

Being able to ‘tag’ the exact location of your tent means that you simply follow the on-screen map to find your way to your temporary home. It’s easy to use and means you can worry about the important festival questions instead – like which bands to see and what kind of ethnic food to try.

Even hardened festival-goers complain of the difficulties of finding their way around large and confusion green-field sites. As well as marking the location of your tent, ViewRanger can be used to tag the exact position of the stages, toilets, your favourite food-outlet, and other landmarks, so that finding your way around the site becomes a cinch.

And if you're going as a group of mates, or aiming to hook up with friends when you arrive, then ViewRanger's BuddyBeacon feature can be invaluable as it locates your ViewRanger using friends.

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