Beta updated and N95 firmware

Posted on 01/12/2007

The ViewRanger beta has been updated to v2.4.6 and is available to download. If you'd like to use the beta and haven't requested it from us yet then please email your phone model (e.g. N95) and IMEI number (dial *#06#, it is a 15 digit number starting 35) to support at

The details of the changes in the beta are available in the beta release history.

There is a problem with the newest N95 firmware that stops ViewRanger saving its preferences. The affected firmware is v20/v21 for the N95 and v10/v11 for the N95-8Gb. To check your firmware version dial *#0000#. This new beta, v2.4.6 or later, saves preferences in a different way to avoid the problem.

Finally, with Christmas fast approaching we've added a page of Christmas gift ideas.

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