Software update v2.3.9

Posted on 09/05/2007

The version of ViewRanger available through the beta download page has been updated to version 2.3.9. There are a few changes:

The sunset, sunrise and solar noon times can be shown on the Trip view if chosen through the Trip settings. The times are for the current GPS location for the phone's current date and time zone.

Sunset, sunrise and solar noon are also shown for the current map location on the Where am I now? panel, so you can check the sunset time anywhere in the country.

Small distances on the Trip view are now shown in metres, yards or feet, rather than in km / miles.

A new setting "Prompt for billable events" is available in User Settings. When this is switched on, you will be asked to confirm before every Internet access. If you answer no the operation is cancelled. When "prompt for billable events" is switched off you will only be asked the first time that ViewRanger needs to connect to the Internet. This setting also applies to other events that could lead to a charge on your bill such as sending a text message or opening a web page.

The E70 could crash if the GPS disconnected, this has been fixed.

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