Beta update 2.3.8

Posted on 18/04/2007

The ViewRanger beta has been updated to version 2.3.8. This beta fixes some problems in the previous beta, and also adds a few small changes.

Of note:
  • Tracks are now saved to GPX correctly.
  • Three default trip profiles are provided.
  • The old style navigation view has been removed.
  • Hide all except selected commands have been added, which hide all the overly items except for the one that is currently selected.
  • Degrees and decimal minutes is available as a coordinate display and entry option.
  • The red end call button now hides ViewRanger rather than exiting (3rd edition handsets only).
  • The last track that was recorded is automatically hidden when a new track is started. The track can be unhidden.

The beta is available on the usual beta page. If you don't have the link to that page and would like access to the beta then please email, likewise if you have any questions or feedback.

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