Beta updated

Posted on 30/03/2007

The beta has been updated to version 2.3.4. There have been a number of small changes and fixes, which are detailed in the revised release notes on the beta download page. If you need a link to the beta download page, please email

Most notably:
  • Problems saving and deleting Trip profiles have been fixed.
  • The occasional cookie error when using the server has been solved.
  • The shortcut to show the Trip view now toggles between the Trip view and the map view. (The default shortcut is 7, but you may need to choose this in Settings > UI.)
  • The image and details view now finds images if they have been moved, and displays a generic icon while they are loading. The tag has been extended to allow additional images to be associated with a POI.
  • When set to use a UTM zone with no maps, the "No maps here" message is no longer displayed on screen.

Thank you to everyone who has tried the beta, and especially to those who have sent feedback!

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