Map chooser overlays

Posted on 28/12/2006

The ViewRanger map chooser is a Windows application that is used to select and purchase areas of 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 mapping. It shows the country split into small tiles. You can choose any tiles you wish, and a running price and estimated memory size is displayed. Prices start at £20. You are only charged for land area, not for sea - the map chooser displays the land cover of each tile in the bottom bar.

The map chooser now has an overlay which is used to show previous orders. The updated application is available at [8.99Mb].

To use the overlay select Import map choice into overlay... from the Overlay menu. You will be prompted to choose one or more map choice files. The overlay squares are shown as dark grey, the new tiles are shown as pink with a red border.

In this screen shot the North Kent coast is shown dark grey by the overlay. Two separate new areas have been selected and are shown in pink.

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