ViewRanger Update: 1.0.211 published

Posted on 26/10/2005

We've just released v1.0.211 of ViewRanger, and have updated the trial versions and complete versions available through the website.

Changes include:
  • Text for beaches is brown, and added icons for sand and mud/rock.
  • Dotted lines are always black for improved visibility.
  • New setting in Settings / UI - default is to only connect to GPS when it is
    needed, but user can choose to connect at ViewRanger startup.
  • Panoramic display takes account of the Earth's curvature.
  • Problem with predictive text / map tile name fixed.
  • Various changes to GPS handling which should fix the occasional issue that occured when the phone screen was locked.
  • Supports new install locations of MapPaks, though also loads them from old
    location. This allows MapPaks to be can uninstalled individually from the handset.

Existing users of ViewRanger can download the trial version to update their licensed version automatically.

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