ViewRanger v1.0.199 Posted

Posted on 02/09/2005

A new version of the ViewRanger software has been posted to the download area of the website this morning.

1. Selecting and viewing URLs
When scrolling through notes when viewing a note or image, any URLs are highlighted. Pressing the middle of the cursor button, or choosing the Open Web Link menu option opens the selected web link in the phone's web browser.

When using the up and down arrows, we move to the next URL if one is going to be visible within 1 page so no text is missed. If there is no URL within a page, we scroll a page and no URL will be selected at that point.

2. Access Point Setting
A setting for the Internet Access Point to use has been added to the User tab of Settings. This setting is also automatically set the first time that you make a connection. Once set you will not be prompted to choose your Access Point again.

3. Optimisation
An optimisation in loading height data when height areas overlap.

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