ViewRanger v1.0.198 Posted

Posted on 26/08/2005

We've posted a new update this morning with the following changes:

Distance To & Details on Selected POI

POI Details added to Display sub menu and to Marker List menu. This gives a panel showing:
1. Name of POI
2. Classification of POI
3. If a hill, distance to its highest visible point
4. If town, water or wood, distance to its closest point (or an indication that you are within it)
5. If a point, distance to it
6. If a point, its coordinates

We'll probably look at moving this option to somewhere more convenient prior to product release. Thanks to Tony @ OS for suggesting this one!

Bookmarks - Remember and Revisit Your Favorite Places

Add Bookmark added to GPS & Location menu - adds a bookmark at current location, prompting for name. Uses current containing POI, if any, as default name.

Bookmark List added to GPS and Location menu, which shows Bookmark panel.

Bookmark panel:
Options to Delete and Rename bookmarks
Option to add bookmark using current location
Option to manually enter coordinates for bookmark
Option to go to a bookmark - closes bookmark list and moves view location to bookmark location
Pressing OK button does a goto
Details - gives name, coordinates and time/date of bookmark entry

Terrain Exaggeration
Exaggeration control added to Settings - controls vertical stretch of terrain, 1.0 is no stretch, 2.0 is twice as high etc. Can be useful to apply exaggeration when in a relatively flat area of landscape.

Imperial & Metric Units
ViewRanger now supports imperial as well as metric units for distance and height. Units type added to Settings - imperial versus metric (note, must Save Changes and reopen Settings panel before other settings use the new units)

Small Changes

* Warning given if no data found at start up
* Warning given if you move to a location with no data
* New splash screen
* Pogress panel no longer appears over version / status panels
* Go to GPS location always updates screen

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