ViewRanger BuddyBeacon allows you to share your real-time location with other people and for you to view their location on your phone screen. There's a web access as well to let non-ViewRanger customers track their friends and you can even link your BuddyBeacon to your Facebook page, if you want to. 

Of course there's a privacy control, only people that you give your PIN code to can see your location.

Sharing your location

To use BuddyBeacon you need to be a registered user. Then you can turn your beacon on and set a 4 digit Beacon PIN. This should be a number that you are happy to tell those you want to see your location. You can set the update frequency.

Viewing the location of Others

On your mobile screen

Using the BuddyBeacon menu options - enter the user name and PIN of your friends. Then hit "locate now"


vr buddy beacon screen shot.png

Via the web

To see the location of a buddy, go to  www.viewranger.com/buddybeacon. Enter their user name and PIN, then press locate. You'll see a map showing the buddy location. Hover the cursor over the location to see the time and date details.

BB web view.png