My.ViewRanger support

Welcome to ViewRanger’s community site.  Please read this page for a quick start guide to how the site works.

If you have any questions, why not check our Top Questions page to find answers....

If you are still having problems please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. (

Supported Web Browsers (Google Maps JS API v3 support)
IE 7.0+ (Windows)*
Firefox 3.0+ (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
Safari 4+ (Mac OS X, iOS)
Chrome (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
BlackBerry 6
Dolfin 2.0+ (Samsung Bada)
* Internet Explorer's Compatibility View is not supported.

1. Registration and log in 

When you create an account in the ViewRanger app on the device, it automatically registers you on and you can log into the site with the same user name and password.  Registration is free.

2. When you're logged in

Before you start creating content and searching for routes, we’d advise spending just a few minutes setting up your account.....

We’d advise the following steps

STEP 1: Add the phones and devices that you have (this will ensure that any of your previous credit and content is associated is linked to this account).  The system may have done this for you. Note the best way to add the device is to use the app on the device itself - go to Organizer > Settings > Account, sign into your account and take the option to add the device.

STEP2: Set up your profile – add a profile image, select your interests etc.

STEP 3:  If you have more than one server account, please add this in via the ‘Log in details’ page in the My ViewRanger section (this will ensure that content you have against these details will be linked to this account)

3. Managing your account

Your devices
Setting up the device
Your credit balance
Your log in details and consolidating any other ViewRanger accounts
Your favorite authors
Twitter & BuddyBeacon
Widgets - for your websites and blogs

4. Viewing your premium maps

Use the route editor to view the premium maps you have purchased.

5. The route editor

The route editor is accessed from the menu with Route > Create and allows you to:

Create routes and view them on your phones/devices
Share your routes with the community is you wish.

To change the map layer, use the drop down box on the top right of the map window.  Press the full screen button in the map window title to swap to full screen mode.

All the detailed information about this tool is included on the editor page, accessed via the ? button on the tool bar.

Finding your created routes on your phone/devices

If you've saved a route, published or private, then to get it on your handset, just use the Syncronize feature in-app, and it will wirelessly download.  

Use the Automated GPS Trail Route Planning - On-Road and Off-Road

Use the route generation tool to automatically generate your routes based on road and trail data - find out more... 

6. Share your Routes

You can share your routes via facebook, twitter, email, GPX and print a route card.  You can also share them via our widgets but this is a little more technical.   Routes must be published before they can be shared. 

First publish the route via the route edit button.  The use the route information button in the toolbar and set the sharing status field to Published.  The sharing actions icons will then appear on the left of the route preview map screen.

If you've published the route then others can find it on their ViewRanger handset, just search for it by text or location.

7. Share your Tracks

You can share your tracks via facebook, twitter, email, GPX and print a track card.  You can also share them via our widgets but this is a little more technical.  

The sharing actions icons appear on the left of the track preview map screen.

8. Twitter, Picasa & Flickr with your tracks

You can enhance your tracks with feeds from Twitter and photo sharing web sites.

To get started choose My ViewRanger account from the menu and then the Plug ins item.   Full instructions can be found here.

9. Upload/download tracks & routes from My.ViewRanger

Within the ViewRanger app, on the device, use the Synchronize button to exchange routes and tracks with the web site.

To Synchronize from in the App.
Android:  home menu > Organizer > Synchronize.
iOS:  Organizer (black folder) > Synchronize.
Symbina:  Options > Organizer > Options > Synchronize.

Synchronize uploads tracks, downloads routes and updates map license keys by default.

10. Tips

What is a short code stem? 

A short code stem is unique to each route publisher. It allows a publisher to create a "shortcode" that can be used to help people to find a specific route within My.ViewRanger or through the ViewRanger app.  Eg. TRL is the short code stem used by Trail Magazine, so that TRL0007 can be used as a short-hand way of finding the Trail route "Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales"

The site tells me that my Walkingworld subscription has expired

When you save your Profile, we check with Walkingworld that your Walkingworld subscription details are valid and that we can therefore deliver Walkingworld routes to you for free. If you are told your subscription has expired, please login at, and check the second paragraph to see your account status on the Walkingworld site.  Walkingworld let you log in to the website when your subscription has expired.

Using routes on your phone / tablet

To use your routes on your phone or tablet, run ViewRanger on the device. Go into Organizer and choose the Synchronize option. Your new and changed routes will be downloaded to the device, and your tracks will be uploaded back to My.ViewRanger.