CNIG logo.pngWe offer maps for the whole of Spain and Islands from the National Map Authority - Centro Nacional de Informacion Geografica (CNIG), the maps are available at 1:25,000 and 1:200,000, additionally we offer free national overview maps at 1:500,000 and 1:1Million. These maps may be purchased on a province or regional basis or by-the-tile for custom areas. NB. Coverage includes Andorra

Maps available

Source Type Scale Tile Size Sample
CNIG National topo  1:25,000 26.21km2 Cnig25K.png 
 CNIG National topo  1:200,000   1,677.72km2 cnig200k.png 

1:25,000 CNIG map products

The following Province areas are available to purchase using the ViewRanger in-App at a price of £3.99

Organised by Comunidades autónomas 

  • Andalucía: Almería Province, Cádiz Province, Córdoba Province (North), Córdoba Province (South), Granada Province (North), Granada  Province (South), Huelva Province, Jaén Province (North), Jaén Province (South), Málaga Province, Sevilla  Province (North), Sevilla  Province (South)
  • Aragón : Huesca Province (North), Huesca  Province (South), Teruel Province (North), Teruel Province (South), Zaragoza Province (North), Zaragoza Province (South)
  • Principado de Asturias: Asturias Princip.(North), Asturias Princip (South)
  • Basque Country (whole)
  • Cantabria (whole)
  • Castilla-La Mancha: Albacete Province (North), Albacete Province (South), Ciudad Real Prov. (North), Ciudad Real Prov. (South), Cuenca Province (North), Cuenca Province (South), Guadalajara Prov. (North), Guadalajara Prov. (South), Toledo Province (North), Toledo Province (South)
  • Castilla y León: Ávila Province, Burgos Province (North), Burgos  Province (South), León Province (North), León Province (South),  Palencia Province Salamanca Province Segovia Province Soria Province, Valladolid Province, Zamora Province
  • Cataluña: Province of Barcelona, Province of Gerona, Province de Lérida (North) and Andorra, Province of Lérida (South), Provincia de Tarragon
  • Extremadura: Province of Badajoz (North), Province of Badajoz (South), Province of Cáceres (North), Province of Cáceres (South).
  • Galicia: Province of La Coruña, Province of Lugo, Province de Orense, Province of Pontevedra, 
  • La Rioja: Province of Rioja
  • Madrid (Whole)
  • Murcia: Province of Murcia (North), Province of Murcia (South)
  • Navarra: Province of Navarra (North), Province of Navarra (South
  • Valenciana: Province of Alicante , Province of Castellón, Province of Valencia (North), Province of Valencia (South)
  • Balearic Islands (Whole)

The Canary Islands are also available from CNIG for: El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria (priced individually). See Discovery Walking Guides below for other Canary Islands at detailed scales.

1:200,000 CNIG Map products

Regional maps of Spain are available via the ViewRanger in-app store for £3.99

  • The North
  • North-East
  • North-West
  • The East
  • South-East
  • South -West
  • Central Spain

Additionally maps at both scales are available via the Viewranger Webshop.


We have also teamed up with English language guidebook and map publisher “Discovery Walking Guides” to offer a series of specialist “Tour & Trail” map products for the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and some specific walking areas on Mainland Spain in Andalucía and Alicante. We also offer a series of guided walks from DWG - you can see these via the link to

Maps available

Source Type Scale Tile Size Sample
Discovery Walking Guides topo,  varies 1:25,000 to 1:40,000 n/a mapDISC_spain.png 


  • La Gomera (1:35K) topographic map covering the whole of the island of La Gomera.
  • Lanzarote (1:40K) topographic map covering the whole the island of Lanzarote, this map is marked with all the walking routes from Walk! Lanzarote.
  • La Palma (1:40K) topographic map covering the whole the island of La Palma. This map is marked with the GR (Gran Recorrido) and PR (Pequeno Recorridos) Hiking Routes.
  • Tenerife (whole Island) (1:25K & 1:35K) topographic map covering all of Tenerife. Created by combining CNIG maps & DWG maps. The DWG areas are marked with the walking routes of Walk! Tenerife.


  • Mallorca (North & Mountains) (1:40K) topographic map covering the North and Mountains of Mallorca. Marked trails include:  walking routes of Walk! Mallorca (North (West).
  • Menorca (1:40K) topographic map covering the island of Menorca. This map includes the Walk! Menorca routes and the Cami de Cavalls, bike trails.


  • Costa Blanca Mountains (1:40K) -topographic map covering the walking areas in the Costa Blanca Mountains, Alicante province.
  • Alpujarras (1:40K) -topographic map covering this walking area in the Sierra Nevada mountains near Granada, in Andalucía
  • Sierra de Aracena (1:40K) -topographic map covering this walking area in western part of Andalucía, close to the Portuguese border.
  • Axarquia (1:40K) -topographic map covering this popular walking area to the east of Malaga in Andalucía.

The series also includes Madeira, Portugal (click to read more)

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