NL_kadaster logo.jpgViewRanger offer Kadaster mapping at 1:25,000 & 1:50,000 for Netherlands.  There is also a Free 1:250,000 scale whole country road map. Maps can be purchases by the tile for custom areas (using ViewRanger credit) or whole country or regions.

NOTE New source from 14th June 2012 - see wiki notes

Maps available

Source Type Scale Tile Size Sample
NL Kadaster
1:25,000 26.21 sqkm NLkad25K_new.png
NL Kadaster   1:50:000 104.86 sqkm NLKad50K.png
NL Kadaster   1:250,000 n/a  NKkad250K.png

Maps available

Whole country

  • at 1:250,000 scale road map - FREE download
  • at 1:50,000 scale - purchase from ViewRanger web shop
  • at 1:25,000 scale - purchase from ViewRanger web shop

Regions at 1:25K  or 1:50K (web shop only) 

  • North Netherlands covering Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe
  • East Netherlands covering Overijssel, Gelderland, Flevoland
  • West Netherlands covering Utrecht, North Holland, South Holland, Zeeland
  • South Netherlands covering North Brabant, Limburg

Provinces at 1:25K (in-app only)

  • Drenthe
  • Friesland
  • Groningen
  • Flevoland
  • Gelderland
  • Overijssel
  • North Holland
  • South Holland
  • Utrecht
  • Zeeland
  • Limburg
  • North Brabant

Custom areas

Purchase by the tile at 1:50K & 1:25K using ViewRanger credits

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