ViewRanger takes to the skies with DroneSAR

Posted on 20/02/2017

06 February 2017

Outdoor navigation app ViewRanger and software start-up DroneSAR have teamed up to boost search and rescue operations worldwide.


The partnership will see ViewRanger and DroneSAR – developers of a new drone search and rescue app – combine their expertise to allow search teams to quickly deploy drones as their first response to call-outs.

DroneSAR’s flight-planning software allows drones to scan large areas from above, reduce risk to search and rescue personnel, shorten search times, and ultimately save lives.

Craig Wareham, ViewRanger CEO, said: “ViewRanger is already used and trusted by more than 250 search and rescue teams across Europe and North America. DroneSAR has created an innovative and powerful way to manage and operate drones efficiently in search and rescue situations.

“Together, DroneSAR’s flight management technology and ViewRanger’s mapping, navigation and tracking technology will deliver key operational advantages for search and rescue operations.”

The new partnership will integrate DroneSAR with ViewRanger’s unique BuddyBeacon live-tracking system. BuddyBeacon is used widely by search and rescue coordinators to track the position of team members equipped with the ViewRanger app or GPS-enabled radios, plus search dogs equipped with a Retrieva GPS collar. 

The live-link will enable the search pattern of each drone to be monitored by the ViewRanger app, allowing team leaders to remotely monitor search progress. This will help teams deploy and track drones, just as they would any team member, and quickly search for missing or injured people.

Oisin McGrath, DroneSAR CEO, said: “Rescue teams using the ViewRanger app for monitoring search team progress will now be able to monitor their drones as they would another team member. Drones can now be viewed as airborne team members who cover large amounts of ground quickly and easily, reducing search time and risk to personnel. We are extremely excited about the endless possibilities that this partnership will bring to the world of SAR.”

The integration of these two powerful software products is a world-first that will reduce risk to team members, cut response times, improve emergency management, and save lives around the world.

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