Route altitude graph added to route planner on my.viewranger and photos now transferred from tracks automatically

Posted on 17/11/2014

If you log into your my.viewranger account (what is my ViewRanger?) and either create or edit a route, you will find the layout of the route editing page much improved.

Apart from smartening up the buttons and making the map you are editing pretty much full screen, there is now an altitude graph at the bottom of the route editing screen, which allows you to have a better idea of the overall profile of the route you are planning. You can move your mouse along the graph and see which point it corresponds to along the route, as well as the exact distance and altitude of that point.

route editing new interface with graph highlighted.jpg


And for those of you who enjoy publishing routes from tracks of outtings you've enjoyed...


 Now, when you create a route from a track which has photos linked to it, your photos are now automatically carried over and placed in the correct place along the route, along with a little camera icon. A great time saver.

photos from tracks.png


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