Northern Lights by Chiz Dakin

Posted on 12/11/2014

Northern Lights by Chiz Dakin is one of twelve photos by members of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild we chose to decorate the ViewRanger offices, representing the best of UK outdoor photography.


Viewranger-AuroraBorealis-Tromso-Chiz Dakin.jpg


About the photo:

This image was taken on a remote island off the North Western coast of Norway, from outside the cabin of a friend that I'd made while skiing in South Georgia (on the Shackleton Traverse). Accessible only by boat, an hour or two away from Tromsø, the cabin is typically Norwegian - basic, yet homely and is in a beautiful and unspoiled location. Even though it was a little late in the year for the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), being at 70degrees north I was hoping that I'd get a chance to photograph the northern lights on our brief stay, and they obliged on two out of the three nights I was there.

This is one of my favourite images of those two nights. It seems like the Aurora is rising directly out of the mountain opposite, with wispy colours of green and greeny-blue rising to the heavens above. The bright white object fairly low in the sky is Venus – which was near its maximum brightness for the year. The orange sky on the horizon for once isn't caused by light pollution, but the afterglow of the sun takes a very long time to set at that time of the year so far north. And although it's unconventional to shoot the Northern Lights during the full moon (it can lessen the impact of the Aurora), I don't feel it lessens their impact significantly here. I also like the fact that it lights up the snowy mountains, rather than them becoming a silhouette.




 About Chiz Dakin:

I am a photographer, writer and film-maker who has travelled from Antarctica to the Arctic in search of awe-inspiring images and adventures. I regularly write walking routes for Trail magazine, have four published books to my name so far (on cycling, photography and video, published by Cicerone/Ammonite) and my images and words appear in several other publications.


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