New Android Release supports map rotation and night vision

Posted on 28/11/2012

Don't miss out on the new release of ViewRanger for your Android smartphone or tablet device.

We've just released a new version (3.3.7) of our app via all channels; we recommend that you update your app, to take advantage of the new features, which include:

  • Start-up on-screen tips to help new users find their way around the app
  • Map rotation
  • Improved route browsing interface
  • Faster interaction with selected tracks, POI’s and routes
  • A specialist night vision mode

Map rotation

By very popular request, we’ve implemented map rotation on 3.3.7, this means that with this mode active, the map rotates to keep the direction you are heading straight up the screen.
To enable this go to Organizer > Settings > GPS > Auto rotate map.

Easier to browse and download published routes

android336_routes panel.pngWith over 30,000 expert & community routes around the world now available to download on ViewRanger, we wanted to create an easier way to browse and view search results from the map screen.

The route search process is unchanged ie Menu > Search > Search for routes, but now by tapping on any of the route icons on the screen, you’ll see a sliding panel at the top of the screen showing summary information about the route.

If you like this route, you can get more info and even download it, directly from this screen.

Want to view others nearby?.. then simply pull down the sliding panel to see a list, or side swipe to view the next.


Quicker access to information about on-screen items

android336_action_route.pngIn response to requests to make it easier to interact with any of the following items on your map screen

  • routes you’ve downloaded
  • POI’s you’ve created (Point of Interest i.e. a location you have marked on the map)
  • tracks you’ve recorded

We’ve introduced a new action bar using another sliding panel (see screen grab). 

By tapping on the item (NB once active the item will be highlighted with a red square), the action bar then offers a range of options ie follow a route or view its details, navigate to a POI or view track details. Once again by pulling the sliding panel, you can view other similar items, and side swipe to switch item type.   

Night vision

ViewRanger helps to provide its service to Search & Rescue (SAR) teams as part of our commitment to outdoors sports activity. We are very proud that our app is used by a growing number of SAR teams in the UK, Ireland and recently USA, Canada and Germany. The new version includes a feature specifically requested by SAR users to allow them to use our service more easily at night. In night vision mode the screen is redrawn in red to protect the eyesight's dark adaptation.
To enable this go to Organizer > Settings > Display > Night Vision


Finally, we’ve tuned up the app to give faster map drawing on many devices. We’ve also made some changes to improve the downloading of online maps whilst panning the map to reduce the likelihood of the process stalling.

To see more screen grabs from v.3.3.7 visit the Android Wiki pages

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