Printing & GPX Export now available via My.ViewRanger

Posted on 25/04/2012

With 30,000 published trail guides, a huge number of privately plotted routes, and hundreds of thousands of gps recorded tracks – We are becoming the reference source for planning trail adventures and days out for our customers. To take this process a step further this week, we have added two new features to our My.ViewRanger web service to provide even more convenience and flexibility. These are:

  • the ability to get a paper print off for routes you own
  • the ability to export the gpx file for your routes

printpddfgpxMYVR.pngHere's how it works....

Print out routes using PDF

As from today, you’ll find a new “Print as PDF” button shown alongside any routes that you plot, publish, or purchase at our web service at My.ViewRanger. You can use the pdf to print a paper copy of the trail guide, complete with the mapped route.  If you own premium map layers for the ViewRanger mobile app, such as Ordnance Survey Great Britain, Ordnance Survey Ireland, IGN France, BKG Germany, OSNI, or for the USA, our system will even give you a choice of printing the map view including premium layers.

Being able to print out a paper copy of a route means that you can keep a copy in your pocket, just in case, or leave one with a friend so they know where you are planning to go and how long it’s likely to take.

And if you don’t yet have a smartphone – well, you can still use ViewRanger to find the best places to walk, cycle, and ride in your area.

Export a GPX file of your routes and tracks

The second new feature available from today is introducing the ability to export the GPX file for a recorded ViewRanger track or a route you have created directly from My.ViewRanger. You might want to do this so that you can load it into Google Earth to recreate your trip as a flythrough, for instance.  You’ll see an “Export to GPX” button alongside the track.

Don’t forget you can import GPX files into My.ViewRanger, using the Routes > Create from GPX menu option.

Note: GPX is the standard file format for transferring route data between different software and apps.

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