Walking World Ireland Magazine publishes its trails on ViewRanger Outdoors GPS

Posted on 16/03/2012

All the trails in this edition (March 2012) of leading Irish walking magazine "Walking World Ireland" are available to download free via the ViewRanger app. The download includes the marked trail, plus the full description and images from the magazine  Once installed, the user can use the app's waypoint navigation feature to receive on-screen guidance and alerts if they veer off-track.  

iphone screengrabWWIE 2.PNGiphone screengrabWWIE 1.PNG

The publishing arrangement is the first with a RoI media partner expands the number of countries in which app users can access and download professionally authored guided trails. There are now over 26,000 guided trails for walking, cycling, horse riding and kayaking available for download across Europe and USA.

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