Software update 2.2.15

Posted on 28/11/2006

We've just made a number of additional changes to ViewRanger 2.2, most of which arose from customer feedback. The software is version 2.2.15 and is available from the update page (email if you need the link).

The changes are described in detail in ViewRanger_changes_2_2_15.pdf (20Kb PDF).

In summary the main changes are:
  • A new Previous view menu item has been added, which allows you to swap between two different map views - that is combinations of map position, scale and zoom.
  • Improvements to deleting waypoints when creating or editing routes. When creating a route, you can delete the waypoint just created by pressing the delete key C.
  • A setting to draw lines and waypoints thicker has been added, to make them clearer on phones with small pixels such as the N80.
  • Settings have been added to allow you to customise the behaviour of some of the numeric shortcut keys.
  • When you import a GPX file a count of the POIs, routes and tracks the file contains is shown and you are asked whether you want to import it.

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