New Update Released: 1.0.216

Posted on 12/12/2005

We've released a new update for ViewRanger.

Amongst the changes are:
  • Where am I now? panel now shows the time since the GPS signal was last valid
  • Shading calculation is now faster
  • Menu changes
    - 'Filter' is now in display sub-menu
    - 'Where am I Now?' is in the main menu
    - 'Register' has been renamed 'Create Server Account'
  • The 'Cover heading' view layout mode has been renamed 'Location Bar'. It now also displays the GPS heading with the 'H: prefix'. See GPS notes below.
  • Background processing and auto-rotate stop if you switch away from ViewRanger
  • Use GPS Heading - if this option is switched on, then when you choose "Use GPS Position" ViewRanger will rotate the view to be centred on your current heading, as well as updating its location to match the GPS. So if you were walking West, then ViewRanger would rotate its view to be centred on West.
  • New "GPS Settings" menu

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