ViewRanger Activation

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Use this page to activate the ViewRanger software, maps and tokens. Fill in this form then press Submit. The license key will be shown, and will also be emailed to you. If you have any questions about filling in the form, please see the notes below the form.


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Need help filling in the form?

Trial download: If you are using ViewRanger as a trial it does not need to be activated. You can use all its features for 16 days with no restrictions. When you purchase the software or a map you will receive a serial number to use to activate ViewRanger permanently.

Serial number: You need the serial number of your ViewRanger software, map or token, which can be found on the rear of the CD/DVD instruction sheet, or on the rear of the memory card case, or if you bought a download or token it will be emailed to you.

App store: If you bought ViewRanger from an app store it is already activated and you do not need to complete this form. If you bought from PocketGear or Handango the number they sent as the license key is in fact the serial number.

Changing phone: If you change your handset sign into your account using the app on the phone, it picks up the keys it needs.

Phone ID: You will also require your phone ID. To obtain the ID run ViewRanger and from the Options menu choose "Enter license key". On Android use hom menu > Help > Enter license key.

For the iPhone we recommend you activate using Organizer > Settings > Account & license > Activate. (If using the form below you need your phone's UDID, not the IMEI.)

If you have any other questions please visit the support page.