ViewRanger Software for Symbian S60 3rd Edition Keypad Phones

This page contains the software for Symbian S60 keypad-based phones including: Nokia 3250; 5320; 5500; 5630 XM; 5700; 5730 XM; 6110; 6120; 6121; 6124; 6210; 6220; 6290; 6650; 6700 Slide; 6710; 6720; 6730; 6760; 6788; 6790; C5-00; C5-01; E5; E50; E51; E52; E55; E60; E61; E61i; E62; E63; E65; E66; E70; E71; E72; E75; E90; N71; N73; N75; N76; N77; N78; N79; N80; N81; N82; N85; N86; N91; N92; N93; N95; N95-8GB; N96; LG KS10; KT610; KT615; Samsung SGH-i400; SGH-i450; SGH-i520; SGH-i550; SGH-i560; i7110; i8510; G810.

Please click here if you have a different type of phone.


Direct Installation on Your Phone

ViewRanger for Symbian phonesRun the web browser on your phone and go to

If you have a wifi or mobile internet connection, the easiest way to install the ViewRanger software is to use the web browser on your phone.

Visit, which will recognise your phone and show the correct link. However, if you have done that and come to this page, then please click on the link below under "Installation via PC" - the software will download and install on your phone.


Installation via PC

ViewRanger for Symbian phonesClick here to download the ViewRanger S60 3rd Edition Software for keypad-based phones

To install the software using a PC:

  • Download and save the software by clicking the link in the box above. In some browsers you may need to right click on the link and choose Save As.
  • Connect your phone to your computer using either Bluetooth or USB. If the phone asks you to choose a USB mode select PC Suite mode.
  • On the computer go to Nokia PC Suite, Ovi Suite or Samsung PC Studio and choose Install applications.
  • In the left hand pane browse to and highlight the SIS file, then press the central arrow button to send the SIS file to the phone.
  • Follow the instruction panels on the phone.
  • For more detailed and illustrated instructions please see the support wiki/FAQ, which includes instructions if you do not have a PC, or the user manual.

If you get an error message first check you used the right version of ViewRanger for your phone model from the list on the previous page. If you get a message about a certificate problem check the date set on your phone using the Clock application. For any other error see the wiki.

For more information please see the User Manual (PDF, 4MB), and the Wiki. The current software build number is 2.9.5.



If you have any questions about ViewRanger, please contact our Technical Support staff:


Phone: 01223 421356 (+44 1223 421356 from outside the UK)

Skype: viewranger

If you contact us please follow this advice, so we can resolve your query as quickly as possible:

  • Give as precise a description of the problem as possible
  • Tell us which version of ViewRanger you are using, your phone model, and which maps are installed
  • If you have seen a warning or error message, give the exact text of the message
  • If you need a new license key please send us the phone id as shown on Options > Enter license key. Include the email address you used when you first activated, or your map serial number(s).