ViewRanger Software for Android Phones

This page contains the software for All Android phones and tablets, including these and many others: Acer Liquid. LG GW620. HTC: Desire (all models); Flyer; Hero; Legend; Magic; Sensation; Tattoo; Wildfire. Motorola: Backflip; Cliq; Cliq XT; Defy; Devour; Dext; Droid; Milestone, Xoom. Nexus One. Samsung: Galaxy (all models). SonyEricsson: Xperia (all models).

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Android Software

ViewRanger for Android phonesRun the web browser on your phone and go to

The best and easiest way to install ViewRanger for Android is to use the web browser on your phone. Visit, which will recognise your phone and show the correct link.

If you have done that and come to this page, or prefer to install via your computer, then the software is available by clicking on this
direct link to the ViewRanger Android software. If you click on this link using your phone's web browser, the software will download and start installing.

The current software version is v10.4.24 and it was released in Oct 2020.

For more information on installation please see the wiki.



If you have any questions about ViewRanger, please contact our Technical Support staff:


Phone: 01223 421356 (+44 1223 421356 from outside the UK)

Skype: viewranger

If you contact us please follow this advice, so we can resolve your query as quickly as possible:

  • Give as precise a description of the problem as possible
  • Tell us which version of ViewRanger you are using, your phone model, and which maps are installed
  • If you have seen a warning or error message, give the exact text of the message
  • If you need a new license key please send us the phone id as shown on menu key > Options > Enter license key. Include the email address you used when you first activated, or your map serial number(s).