ViewRanger™ is now available for the iPhone.


A new update just released:

New Store - new store, with pictures and better searching, lots more content. Enter it using Organizer > ViewRanger store.

Numeric coordinate entry - type coordinates numerically. To move the map tap the coordinate bar at the top of the screen. Toe set a POI position press the Edit button while creating or moving the POI. To change a way point use Properties > Set position.

iTunes file copying - copy maps and GPX files on and off the phone using the Documents section in iTunes, using the USB cable.


Two editions of ViewRanger are available for the iPhone :

  • ViewRanger GPS Open Maps - provides all the functionality of ViewRanger and access to online Open Street and Cycle maps. Premium maps such as those from Ordnance Survey, National Geographic and BKG, can be purchased in-app. ViewRanger GPS Open Maps is priced at £2.39.
  • ViewRanger GPS Premimum - has all the functionality of the Open Maps edition, but includes a full token's worth of premium map credit, so you can download Ordnance Survey, National Geographic and BKG maps immediately. ViewRanger GPS Premium is priced at £14.99.


Functionality in ViewRanger GPS for iPhone includes...

  • Premium topographic mapping (13 countries, more being added). Includes National Geographic, Ordnance Survey, BKG, IGN, NLS Finland, ...
  • Moving map (i.e. map follows gps location)
  • Works in portrait & landscape orientations of phone
  • Multi-touch support, such as pinch gestures to zoom in and out
  • Map auto rotate - map rotates automatically based on your heading
  • Maps are cached on handset, so no mobile network required in use
  • Use in-app purchasing to add more premium maps from growing map library
  • Route Library - detailed guided routes with information from partners including the AA, Walkingworld, Excellent Books, Carlisle Tourism Partnership, ...
  • Create, draw and plot your own routes on the iPhone handset. Offset handle for editing points.
  • Plot points of interest
  • Record your gps track - get statistics on distance, speed, height gain/loss, etc.
  • Navigation - be navigated along a route, or to a point. Optionally sound alarms when you go off route or reach a waypoint.
  • Audio and video triggering - when following an audio or video guide, the audio and video clips are automatically triggered.
  • Audio/video support - in guided routes, waypoints and points-of-interest play sounds and videos from links.
  • Download route guides with video from partners such as Carlisle Tourism Partnership
  • Use our web-based route publishing tool to create your own route guides, with text, photo and video.
  • Download map tiles and routes over-the-air
  • Sideload maps and other content using a WiFi connection or iTunes and the USB cable
  • Wide range of coordinates supported - national grid; lat/lon; ITM; UTM - view or type coordinates
  • Plus use imperial, metric and nautical units
  • Import routes, POIs, and tracks into the software from third-party sites and software using GPX files
  • Export tracks, routes and POIs from ViewRanger via GPX files
  • Share routes, pois, and tracks with ViewRanger users on Symbian and Android handsets
  • Just two taps to download routes or map tiles at your location.
  • Screen proximity switch - automatically locks the screen if you put the phone in your pocket or rucksack - but continues to record your track.
  • BuddyBeacon sending - share your location with friends. Including auto start, catch-up sending positions when mobile coverage lost, auto resume after call/message interruption. One-off and timed repeat sending.
  • BuddyBeacon watching - view the location of one or more friends using the ViewRanger BuddyBeacon. Optionally navigate to their location.
  • Retrieva Dog Collar - view the location of your dog waring the Retrieva dog collar. Optionally navigate to their location.
  • Use our BuddyBeacon API to embed your BuddyBeacon in your webpage, facebook profile, or create your own apps.
  • Electronic Compass support- display north indicator, or facing direction, or both.
  • Auto-rotate map in multiples of 90 degrees to best match compass or heading.

  • ViewRanger is the smart revolution in outdoors GPS.
    Transferring ViewRanger maps to the iPhone from another phone? Please see our support page.
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