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EO_logo_clipped.jpgViewRanger and Elevation Outdoors have teamed up to provide local trails for your smartphone, tablet, and smart watch.


  • Step 2: In the mobile app, create a FREE ViewRanger account.



  • Step 4: Launch the ViewRanger app. Hit the My Profile tab and select Routes. These are the routes saved on your account. To follow, hit Start button. Don't see the route? Go to Settings tab, hit Synchronize Content.

Note: Routes do not include offline maps, only GPS info (routes, waypoints), trail descriptions, and media. To save offline maps on your phone or tablet, go to the Map screen in the ViewRander app. Select Options > Create Saved Maps. Pick the map area you want saved on your mobile device. 


Elevation Outdoors Magazine:

Elevation Outdoors connects readers to their local Rocky Mountain scene with authentic content covering outdoor sports, active lifestyles, adventure travel, and the environment.

Elevation Outdoors Magazine is the essential guide to the Rocky Mountain outdoor lifestyle. Reaching over 100,000 readers with each issue, Elevation Outdoors celebrates the best in outdoor sports, trends, gear, music, and the mountain scene.

Each issue of Elevation Outdoors features fresh insights on top adventure destinations and Rocky Mountain hotspots. Our readers enjoy stories from award-winning writers and breathtaking images from acclaimed regional photographers. Special features, including Elevation Outdoors’ Green Guide, Festival Guide, and Best of the Outdoors, celebrate the Rockies’ leading grassroots groups and gatherings. More at: www.elevationoutdoors.com