Publishing routes with ViewRanger

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ViewRanger publishes trails content on behalf of over 500 brands

The ViewRanger GPS app and website offers trail content owners an innovative and powerful GPS-enabled publishing platform. Importantly, it is free for all publishers to use, from individuals with a passion for sharing their favourite routes, to tourism organisations or hotels.

Why publish routes on ViewRanger?

  • The ViewRanger platforms allows you to present and promote your route content as much more than a simple line over a map. Not only can all routes published on ViewRanger be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet and followed using our active GPS navigation programme (an off-road tom tom of sorts) but these downloadable routes can also contain text descriptions and photos, weblinks, and other media, such as audio. The content can be geo-tagged so that the story unfolds as the visitors travels along the trail.

  • Your routes and content are intellectual property copyright protected, which means that your brand or name will always be associated with your route content. Your routes cannot be downloaded by others as simple .gpx files to be reused elsewhere.

  • You can choose to make your content free or chargeable

  • It's a one-stop solution to publishing route content across multiple platforms (web/ Apple/ Android/ symbian/ Blackberry Playbook)

  • Extend your brand(s) into fast growing mobile arena with minimal risk

  • Content on our server with no hosting costs


The benefits of using the free ViewRanger platform:

Brand visibility

  • Your branded publisher page is publicly viewable, for greater discovery

    Importantly, ViewRanger is one of just 120 apps worldwide to be included, pre-launch, in Google App Indexing – which boosts discovery of your trail guide content in google searches.

  • Your branded publisher profile page (within the ViewRanger app and also on the my.viewranger website) collates all your route guides content (shown either as a list or on a map) and allows consumers to “follow” you and easily see whenever you publish new content.

  • Publishers are listed on Brands pages and search pages both on the website ( and within the ViewRanger app.

brand searches.png

Your logo on all route content

All routes are clearly identified with publishers' logos:

  • Full logo shown on web profile page and within route description when route downloaded to app.

  • Square logo (like the square logos you may use for your twitter icon, etc) shown on all route guide web pages published by that publisher; In any route listing created as a result of a consumer’s search for routes; and as the trailhead marker over the map, within the app and on the my.viewranger website

brand profiles.png

Easy tools to promote your route guides via web and print


  • Free widgets: 'widgets' are a simple piece of code, available for each of your routes, making it easy to embed a search map into your own website or blog site showing the trailheads of all the routes published by your brand.

  • Extended “premium” web widgets that embed these maps into your own website without forwarding traffic to the my.viewranger website to eventually download the route.  NB: this premium widget usually carries a fee.


CCC-ViewRanger-profile-sceen-res.pngQR Codes – Connect the real world with your digital route guides. :

  • Generate QR Codes that can be scanned by an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet – and that will take a consumer directly to your publisher profile page, or a specific route guide that you have published, within the ViewRanger app.  If the user does not have ViewRanger installed, then the user is prompted to install the app.

  • Makes it simple and convenient for a guidebook publisher, magazine, or other printed material to point consumers at your digital content

  • Makes it simple for a tourist information centre to include QR Codes on a poster or leaflet

  • QR Code usage analytics – get useful analytics on how often your QR Codes have been scanned, and compare the performance of one QR Code versus another.

Read our blog: How to be successful with QR codes

Route Analytics

Data on the most popular routes downloaded can be provided each quarter. It is currently possible for publishers to see a list of the five most downloaded routes. We plan to develop the range of data available to publishers.


How to publish routes

There are two options:

  1. It's easy to self-publish via our community web planning and discovery tool, Just create an account for free and start publishing! You can either plot routes manually in the system, import .GPX files you may already have, or record the route track on the ViewRanger app then convert it to a route.

  2. If you wish to import large volumes of routes regularly, you can create a server connection to our platform. If you are a content owner or publisher, and are interested in bringing your content to the ViewRanger platform please contact us:


Please note that if you are a brand or tourism organisation and are self-publishing content, you will need to email us – – to make yourself known to us, so we can flag you as a 'brand'.


Case studies from the UK:

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We are proud to publish and promote expert guides from a growing list of US route guide publishers including:

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 A wealth of content partners from across Europe & New Zealand also publish their routes guides on ViewRanger.  Here is a small selection:

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 Sardinia Cycling.jpg





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