Safety Advice

We Recommend: 

that in addition to the normal guidelines for countryside users (click here for advice for walkers) or (click here for advice for cyclists) customers are advised that:

Map & Compass

The ViewRanger GPS app and digital mapping is a wonderful aid to making navigation easier and more enjoyable, but a traditional map and compass should still be always carried. Smartphones may be damaged by water or sudden jolts - a waterproof/robust carry case is recommended.


The ViewRanger App relies on the GPS in your mobile device to deliver GPS mapped location. Using any mobile device in GPS mode will reduce the battery time available, you might consider some of the following ways to minimise power consumption.

  • turn off any other apps that are not being used, but might be running in the background. ("double click" close on Apple. Android look for power save apps in market)
  • turn off bluetooth & WiFi functions
  • turn off 3G mode 
  • minimise screen usage ie turn down screen brightness and reduce screen time-out period (screen goes to black)
  • turn off vibrate mode
  • Make sure you have updated your device software (new releases often support improvements to battery usage)
  • Android & Symbian only - ViewRanger can still be used in "Airplane" mode. 

Furthermore in order to deliver real-time features such as BuddyBeacon location sharing, track recording and when in navigation mode, the app is frequently using the GPS information. For extended usage, without access to recharge - if you do not need an immediate GPS fix (ie not using the rel-time features listed), but simply an occasional location check - then we recommend that you "disconnect from GPS" via menu options, when not required. Then reconnect GPS when fix needed (one click on "lock to GPS" icon).  

However. it is recommended to carry a spare/secondary battery or a non-mains charging accessory.


when using the app for biking routes, that it may be dangerous to consult on-screen navigation information whilst moving. The app should be used in audible/haptic waypoint and track alarm mode and viewed when safely stopped. Smartphone bike mounts are available.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Safely.