Self-Select Mapping

Create your own custom area map using our self select mapping tool. Simply install the ViewRanger Map Chooser, which runs on Windows onto your pc and use the map grid system to select the tiles that you need.  Even upload your route (as a gpx), so you can select the map tiles that follow the route.

You will need to download and install this tool onto your PC. Choose the installation package covering the countries for which you need maps using the table below.

If you have problems using the link, right mouse click on the link or flag and choose Save Link As.


Choose your own mapping areas with our flexible select tool that lets you select unlimited areas of mapping. Based on a grid, you can choose any grid squares you like - so you can pick an area in Sussex and areas in Scotland all in the same map! The tool interactively shows you the expected disk size (so you can make sure it will fit on your phone memory card) and the cost for your specific map selection.

You can choose from the following countries and map scales:

Country Scale Start area Price from
Great Britain 1:25,000 Explorer 2000 sq km £20 / €24
Great Britain 1:50,000 Landranger 11,000 sq km £20 / €24
Ireland 1:50,000 5,500 sq km £20 / €24
Finland 1:20,000 950 sq km £16.67 / €20
Germany 1:25,000 5500 sq km £20 / €24
Germany 1:50,000 11,000 sq km £20 / €24
Norway 1:50,000 600 sq km £25 / €30
Sweden 1:50,000 (parts 100,000) 1000 sq km £15 / €18

If you have a GPX file showing a route or track, you can load that to use as a reference when selecting map tiles.

When you have chosen your map area, simply click "Buy now" to purchase through our online store and then send your Map Choice file to us.

ViewRanger YourMap comes with:

  • The mapping of your choice
  • The ViewRanger software
  • An overview map of the entire country
  • A searchable place name gazetteer

The maps are provided by web download and you will receive an email with a download link and instructions, within one day (usually within an hour or two during weekdays). You can also choose to receive the map on CD or on memory card.

If you do not have access to a Windows PC or have other requirements, then please contact us by phone on 01223 42135601223 421356, email to support or sales, or by Skype viewranger.

If you have a question please see our map chooser FAQ.