New Retrieva Users

retrieva dog.jpgYour ViewRanger Map Token will have been supplied with your Retrieva™ Collar or Tracking device. With this Map Token you can use our MapChooser tool to select your own area of detailed Ordnance Survey mapping. Based on a grid, you can choose any grid squares you like up to the value of your Map Token.

Your Map Token is a 12 character code, for example 1234ABC5DEF6.

Please use the following instructions to select and download maps using your Retrieva™ Map Token.   

Download step 1: Download and install ViewRanger software.

  • Check that your handset is compatible.  The iPhone, iPad and all Android and Symbian based phones work with Retrieva collars.
  • Install the ViewRanger software.  If you have an iPhone or iPad then you need to purchase and install the ViewRanger software using Apple's app store.

    If you have a Symbian or Android phone then the easiest way to install the ViewRanger software is to use the phone's own web browser to visit, then click on the box shown.

    Detailed instructions and pictures of how to install ViewRanger software on your phone are available on our online shop.

Download Step 2: Select and download ViewRanger mapping data.

  • Download and Install the MapChooser tool to your PC.  Download the MapChooser - detailed instructions and pictures of how to install the MapChooser tool on your PC. View MapChooser Install Instructions
  • Run MapChooser and enter your token code.  Type your token code into the box towards the top left of the MapChooser, just below 'Pre-paid token'.  Press the 'Check token' button to validate the token.  The maximum area of map that you can choose is displayed under 'Token maximum area'.
  • Select your map tiles.  Simply click on the grid squares you want, until you have used your token value.
  • Submit your map tile choice.  Press the 'Order with token' button in the MapChooser. This sends your map choice details directly to us via the internet.
  • Download your maps to your PC.  When we receive your map choice this is processed. We will then send you an email containing a link that you can click on to download your maps.

If you would prefer to have your maps and ViewRanger software supplied pre-installed on a memory-card for your phone, please contact us. Additional cost will apply.

Contact us by Email:, Telephone: 01233 421356 or Skype:viewranger.

Download Step 3: Intall ViewRanger mapping data on your phone.

  • Unpack the maps on your PC.  The maps are supplied within a "zip" file to make them smaller to download and need to be unpacked. To do this right mouse click on the ZIP file and choose 'Extract all'. When prompted choose for the maps to be extracted to the desktop.
  • Copy the maps onto your phone or phone memory-card.  Instructions will be included in the email containing your map download link or you can view detailed instructions now. View  the Map Install Instructions
  • Run and Use ViewRanger.  Retrieva have produced these instructions for using the trackers with ViewRanger: Using ViewRanger and Retrieva (PDF).