ViewRanger Free Web Widgets

It is easy to embed interactive maps of ViewRanger route guides into your own websites, blogs, and facebook sites.

There are currently three widgets available:

Route Map

Interactive Route Search Map

User Profile Badge

You'll find <iframe> code snippets on route pages, the route search page, and your home page within the social content network website.  Simply copy this code and include it within the HTML code for your website or blog.  To embed in a Facebook page, you will need to use a Facebook iFrame tab app.


ViewRanger Premium Widget

The Premium Widget let you embed trail maps into your own websites. The Premium Widget offer flexible, programmable, control over what trails you want to show - making it simple, for example, to use a Premium Widget to display just your own published trail guides.

Unlike the Free Widgets, the Premium Widget keeps visitor traffic on your own website and does not redirect viewers to the my.viewranger website.  This makes Premium Widgets suitable for brands, tourism organizations and other partners.

The Premium Widget displays a trail head search map and offers interactive viewing of trail guide details when the viewer clicks on trail heads.  Additionally, you have control over additional points-of-interest that you can optionally specify for display along with the route when the route map is displayed.

In order to use the Premium Widgets, you will need a ViewRanger account and an API key.  Premium Widgets are available to selected partners only.  Please email craig at viewranger dot com to apply to be a Premium Widget partner.

Get a ViewRanger developer API key here.

Featured Premium Widget Partners

New Forest National Park New Forest National Park

ViewRanger BuddyBeacon Location Sharing API

The ViewRanger API is a set of programming web-services that enables developers to build web sites and applications that interact with the ViewRanger platform.

Right now, you can use the API to access ViewRanger BuddyBeacon location-sharing and tracking data. Our API is still a work in progress and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

In order to use the API, you will need a ViewRanger account and an API key.

Get a ViewRanger developer API key and API documentation here.


Featured Apps Using the ViewRanger BuddyBeacon API

socialhikinglogo.jpg  MRMap