Try out the app

If you are a new user and want to try out the app then here are the steps to perform to get ready for a hike.

These steps walk you through searching for a route and downloading offline maps so you won't need an internet connection when you are out.

If you have just downloaded ViewRanger, we give you some map for free.

Lets talk through how you can download a route and save some map. I know the name of my route, so here's how I do it:

1. Go to the search tab.

2. Select the routes category to the left of the search field.

3. Type the name of the route I want and select it from the list of options.

4. You see a details screen, with loads of information about it - press Download Route.

5. When you download it, you get the option to get the route on its own, or buy a map with it. Because its our first route and we have to Free map to use, we will select route only.

6. OK - so now we will get our Free map. Press the 3 dots at the top and select map shop.

7. Our route is in Great Britain so we will go to that folder (if your route was in another country, just go to whichever country you need).

8. Most countries come with a free overview map, so lets get that first. Open the Free Maps folder and select the Overview Map and download it.

9. OK, so now lets go back to the route screen. You have to press back a few times and then press the little 'head and shoulders' to find your route.

10. Press it and you get to see a lot of information about it. In the top right there are 3 dots, press on those and then select 'Show on Map'.

11. You'll see the route, but we want to get our free map that we can use if we are offline. Press the button at the top right.

12. You'll see a menu and from there you want to pick My Maps. You'll then see the free overview map we saved earlier - press open.

13. You can see our the overview map and where your route is. The map is really zoomed out so pinch and zoom to see more details.

14. As you zoom in, the map will change and you'll see buttons appearing that lets you get your free bits of OS map - download them and you are ready to go.

You'll see from this video that the route I picked was across two map tiles, so I used both free tiles. I downloaded 1:50k tiles. I could have continued to zoom in to see buttons for 1:25k and picked them.