Top Walks in the United States

Posted on 27/05/2016

Some of the best areas for hiking and walking in the world are located in the United States, so here at ViewRanger we’ve collected our favourite high-quality routes from across the country for you to download and enjoy.


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Brins Messa – Soldier Pass Loop, Clarke County, AZ

Difficulty: Medium

Length: 14.50 miles

By Wilderness Press

This looped route combines several different trails that take you alongside the base of Wilson Mountain, that at its highest point reaches a total of 2,164 metres. All of it is nestled within the Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness Area, which is contained in the Coconino National Forest.

Download it here.


Sam Houston National Forest Richards Loop, Lowndes County, TX

Difficulty: Medium

Length: 14.2 km

By Menasha Ridge Press

This woodland route is nestled in the Sam Houston National Forest, one of four national forests in Texas. Containing more than 163,000 acres, the site contains archaeological evidence that dates back 7,000 years. (Note: Any artefacts found must not be disturbed as they are protected by federal and state regulations)

Download it here



New York – Manhattan, NY

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 9.56 km

By Business Traveller

ViewRanger takes you beyond national parks and local trails; there are a large number of urban routes to follow worldwide, and no collection would be complete without a trip to the Big Apple. This route takes you through the heart of New York, helping you discover inspiring architecture and indulgent snacks.

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Grizzly Island Wildlife Area Trail, Marshall County, CA

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 8.80 km

By Menasha Ridge Press

This route showcases an abundance of wildlife and botanical diversity, all thanks to the Suisun Marsh, the largest contiguous saltwater marsh on the West Coast. A short hike, but this gives you time to stop and observe the many sights and sounds that you will come across

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Corral Canyon Loop, Coosa County, CA

Difficulty: Medium

Length: 4.88 km

By Menasha Ridge Press

This accessible 2.4-mile hike in the Corral Canyon Park is directly across the street from Dan Blocker State Beach in Malibu, allowing for the perfect mix of beach front relaxing and woodland exploration, a great southern California day trip.

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Pike National Forest Wigwam Trail, Conecuh County, CO

Difficulty: Medium

Length: 10.00 km

By Menasha Ridge Press

This walk through lush, green, heavy vegetation and the tall green trees is an amazing sight. The perfect chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the real world, this simple route in the Pike National Forest is the perfect opportunity to ignore those emails and put away your phone.

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