The Fei Sheehy Challenge

Posted on 25/01/2016

As hill-walking challenges go, the Fei Sheehy Challenge is an exceptionally beautiful one. Crossing three mountains in three consecutive days in Ireland, the challenge was set up by Gerard Sheehy after the death of his young daughter.

The challenge is a crossing of the Comeragh, Galtee and Knockmealdown Mountains on three successive days. Entrants can choose to do one, two, or all three days, and it’s a serious challenge with up to 95km and 4,500m climbing over the three days. More importantly, thought, it’s about a father, a family, a memory and a legacy of a little girl, Fei Sheehy, who died far too young. 

Galty Mountains.jpg

"Ger Sheehy took up hill walking after the death of his daughter and it was a therapeutic experience, much as hill walking is for me", says Gerry McVeigh. “It is a place where I can feel free from the pressures of the past, of the present and the future. Where I challenge myself physically and mentally. It is a place where I can challenge myself to take in another mountain, to go that extra mile, to explore that new place. Hill walking is a special place where magical things can and do happen.

"The Fei Sheehy Challenge has challenged me to push myself further and harder than I normally would do, it has given me red raw feet. It has allowed me to raise money for very worthwhile charities and it has allowed me to explore new mountains.

I completed the full 3 days of the Fei Sheehy Challenge in both 2014 and 2015 and none touch my heart and head as the Fei Sheehy Challenge does. I will return in 2016 and I hope other will look seriously at supporting what is a very professionally organised event, with a great team of people providing transport, support, refreshments, smiles and encouragement.

A big thank you to Ger Sheehy and all his team for the opportunity to learn and grow a bit more through taking part in the Fei Sheehy Challenge this and last year."

Condensed blog post by Gerry McVeigh, originally written for Mountain Views.

So if you’re looking for your next hill walking challenge, consider taking part in the Fei Sheehy Challenge. Find out more about the challenge and the causes helped by the money raised on the Fei Sheehy Challenge website.

The challenge takes place on the 19th, 20th and 21st August 2016.

Photo: the Galty Mountains, by the Fei Sheehy Challenge.

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