Remember, remember the fifth of November

Posted on 04/11/2015

Today “Fifth of November” is Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night, in Great Britain.

Do you know the history of Guy Fawkes? Continue reading if you’re curious! ViewRanger has found routes for each of the nine locations linked to Guy Fawkes and conspirators that you can’t miss out!

1. Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire

The story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot is considered as one of the most relevants of all time. The house has been a sanctuary since the 15th century with 500 years of fascinating stories. The Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament with barrels of gunpowder but the plot began in Warwickshire.

Route: Baddesley Clinton – Rowington – Baddesley Clinton

Baddesley-Clinton-David Ross.jpg

Baddesley Clinton © David Ross

2. Banqueting House, London

After James I of England and also James VI of Scotland, the new king was installed in Whitehall Palace. The palace was burned down at the end of the 18th century, but the Banqueting House survived.

Route: Corridors of Power

Banqueting house  - Steve Cadman.jpg

Baqueting House © Steve Cadman

3. Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Britain's second largest inhabited castle, Alnwick Castle has been home to the Duke of Northumberland's family for over 700 years. 

Henry Percy, the 9th Earl of Alnwick Castle, was involved in the Gunpowder plot putting him on trial and he finally end up serving 15 years in the Tower of London.

Route: Alnwick Castle – Hulne Priory

Alnwick Castle - Montezumola.jpg

Alnwick Castle © Montezumola

4. Guy Fawkes Inn, York

Guy Fawkes Inn is the place where the Gunpowder plot man was born in 1570. Currently there is a pub providing rooms for visitors, which is proud of its association with one of history’s most notorious conspirators.

Route: Guy Fawkes Inn

Guy Fawkes Inn - Ian Ashworth.jpg

Guy Fawkes Inn © Ian Ashworth

5. The Palace of Westminster, London

This is the where the plot was foiled by the Gunpowder plotters, the buildings that they planned to blow up are most gone.

Route: Your Own Royal Wedding Parade

Palace of Westminster - Nick Weall.jpg

The palace of Westminster © Nick Weall

6. Warwick Castle, Warwickshire

The Warwick Castle was raised by the main Gunpowder for the purpose of stealing horses and help their resistance to the king’s men.

Route: Warwick Castle and Historic Buildings Town Trail

Warwick castle - AA.jpg

Warwick Castle © AA 

7. Hagley Hall, Worcestershire

This is where one of the conspirators was eventually found. He spent several weeks around Worcestershire before he was discovered in Hagley Hall, but finally he ended up at St Paul's Churchyard, in London.

Route: Clent Hills

Hagley Hall - Risto Hurmalainen.jpg

Haghley Hall © Risto Hurmalainen

8. Coughton Court, Warwickshire

Coughton Court is always been presented as a stately house still inhabited by the Throckmorton family who have resided here since 1409. This family is the oldest Catholic family in England whom have managed to keep hold of many of their religious treasures.

Route: Coughton – Spernall – Netherstead – Coughton

Coughton Court - Damlen Walmsley.jpg

Coughton Court © Damley Walmsley

9. The Tower of London, London

The Tower of London is the place where some plotters and people associated with them were held when the conspiracy was uncovered.

Guy Fawkes was kept at Queen’s House, and was tortured for days, before finally signing a confession.

Route: Tower to Greenwich under Thames and Back by DLR

Tower of London - Urlaubsziele.jpg

Tower of London © Urlaubsziele


Happy Bonfire night!

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