Top 5 Spooky Halloween Walks

Posted on 31/10/2015

Are you brave enough to step into these spooky walks through the forest? - Sure these routes will tempt you to do it!

Halloween is the time for spooky and mysterious stories meanwhile enjoying an outing during the night, and we’ve found five terrifying hiking routes, providing the source of a truly chilling conversation on your Halloween walk!

If you want to enjoy these amazing ghost stories, you should be well prepared. Props required are (including any of the following to have proper light):

  • Lantern
  • Bike light
  • Torch

And also be ready to bring these essential items (in case you have to face the ghosts):

  • Coat
  • Hiking boots - you won’t probably know if you may need to escape from ghosts
  • Snack - if you're brave enough you may be able to use it to throw at to distract ghosts and stop them eating you

 1. Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire

Wicken Fen is one of the last undrained fens and is Britain’s oldest nature reserve that once covered East Anglia on a ghost story walking across the fenland. If you want to take on the challenge of facing the Fen’s Black Dog, we suggest you try Mark Robson's Wicken Ghost Walk with Scouts.

Occasionally the sounds of monks chanting can be heard across the fens. However the scariest supernatural to inhabit the fens is a huge black dog, and legend says anyone that sees the dog will soon be dead!

 wicken lane @marathon.jpg

Walking along Wicken Lane, © marathon

 2. Lud’s Church, Staffordshire

Considered a sacred site by early Pagans, Lud’s Church is a deep chasm created by a massive landslip on the hillside above. It's a dark, mossy and eerie place, and is over 100 metres long and 18 metres deep. Legend tells us that Lud’s Church was named after a horse, who threw his rider off into the chasm to his death, after he tried to hunt a deer in the forest. It's said the rider is covered from head to toe in moss and is known to locals The Green Man.

If you want to search for The Green Man, and investigate this sacred site we suggest the AA’s circular route which takes in Lud’s Church as well as the Roaches - a combination of crags very popular with climbers.

lud's church @neil theasby.jpg

Steps out of Lud’s Church, © Neil Theasby  

3. Dartmoor, Devonshire

Dartmoor is an old an ancient land and so it shouldn’t be surprisingly that some of the old inhabitants of the moor have come back to haunt the places of their earthly lives. Many of the ghosts that live there still seek to cause chaos and mayhem on dark nights.

For centuries the clergymen of the moor have attempting to exorcise the evil spirits from the land of mortal man. Many of the ghosts frequent the lands of Dartmoor, as can be seen there are few places that are safe from paranormal sightings - be afraid!

Find this delightful BBC Countryfile Magazine's route if you're looking for some scary stories should head for Dartmoor.

 dartmoor forest @ martin bodman.jpg

Dartmoor Forest: Pizwell, © Martin Bodman

 4. Prestbury, Gloucestershire

Prestbury is famous for being the second most haunted village in England. It’s been haunted by ghosts such as the Headless Horseman, The White Lady and the Black Abbot, who roams the local churchyard.

The Black Abbot used to walk the aisle of St. Mary’s Church until the Church was exorcised. Maintaining the same route every year, crosses the churchyard and disappears through a wall. The Black Abbot often visits Reform Cottage in Deep Street, the front garden of which once used to be a burial ground of monks.

We suggest A Ghost Trail Around Prestbury - in case you don't know, Perstbury is reputedly the second most haunted village in England, with The Burgage its oldest and most haunted street!

 river bollin @stephen mckay.jpg

River Bollin bellow Prestbury, © Stephen Mckay

 5. Pendle Hill, Lancashire

The spooky tale of the Pendle Witches dates back to the 17th century, and is a favourite with people celebrating Halloween. Twelve people were accused of the murder of ten individuals by witchcraft. Eleven of those twelve people were found guilty and executed in 1612.

The area was strongly associated with witchcraft after this time and is still thought to be haunted. The hill has also played host to Living’s Most Haunted show live in 2004. If you’re brave enough to go on such a frightening walk, we suggest you try AA’s Witching Ways of Pendle, which reaches the summit of the hill with spectacular views of the surroundings.

 pendle hill @chris heaton.jpg

Trig Point on Pendle Hill, © Chris Heaton

If you go out for a spooky walk this Halloween, be sure to let us know of any mysterious sightings or feelings on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages. And if you’re really worried, you could always use our Buddy Beacon feature so friends and family know where you are – just in case!

Happy Halloween!

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