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The ViewRanger app works offline without cell or data signals - and so does Skyline our new augmented reality technology. ViewRanger has been used across the globe. But in order to see offline maps and Skyline labels, you need to download and save maps to your mobile device. Here's how:

New users

New users

• Launch ViewRanger app

• Go to Map Screen.

• Pick the Map type you want saved on your device. Hit Options > Choose a Map > Online Maps. Select a Map style. Note: Some map types require a subscription or purchase. Some map types can’t be saved offline.

• Save offline maps. Hit Options > Create saved map. Select the map area you want. Give yourself some buffer area, so you have maps beyond the place you plan to explore.

• Hit Download. Name your map file. Map tiles and Skyline data will be downloaded onto your device.

•  Repeat this process for other areas or map types.

Once downloaded, these maps and Skyline details can be viewed without cell or data signals.

Existing users with offline maps

Existing users with offline maps

In order to use the new Skyline technology in offline mode, you need to re-download any offline maps saved on your device before you head out. (We recommend you do this over WiFi.) Here’s how:

For maps currently stored on your device:

• Launch the ViewRanger app.

• Select Menu tab (three dots – top right) > My Maps > select ON DEVICE tab.

• Select a map within Maps Stored on this Device, then tap ‘Refresh Skyline Data’. The app will download all Skyline data for that map section onto your mobile device. Once installed, you’re ready to explore.

• You will need to do this for each section of offline map stored on your device.


For maps stored in MY MAPS (but not currently saved on the device):

• Launch ViewRanger app

• Select Menu tab (three dots – top right) > My Maps > select MY MAPS tab.

• Select the map or region you’d like to re-download. Skyline data will automatically be included in the map download.

All future maps you download or purchase will automatically include Skyline data.

NOTE: Skyline data is only available for premium maps, saved regions, and map tile collections. Maps with a scale greater than 1:250,000 will not include Skyline data.

Skyline is live in ViewRanger for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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