We've improved the way you view your tracks

Posted on 02/09/2014

It is now even easier to view the details of your tracks on my.viewranger.com

  • Statistics: either for the whole trip, for a particular section of the trip, or any exact point along the track
  • Media: ViewRanger can now also be linked to your Instagram app, as well as to Flickr and Picasa
  • Comments: your tweets and other people's comments via Facebook or ViewRanger

Photos and comments view:GPSArt_VladF_TookieBird_screenshot_twitter_comments_highlights.jpg

View this track by Vlad Florea who won our recent GPS Art competition

New features:

  • Slider to crop start and ends: if you forget to stop a track, you can now crop its start and ends using the slider underneath the track map. Once saved, only you can see the part of the track you have cropped away, other people cannot see the cropped part.
  • Graphs with zooming, all data values shown: The graph below the track is much improved, showing speed, altitude, distance and, if available, heart rate. Click to zoom.  Hover to see values.
  • Inclusion of heart rate data in the graph: where it was recorded with the track, the heart rate will be shown in the stats side bar, and in the graph. (We'll be releasing an Android app update soon that will let you capture heart rate data.)
  • Better presentation of photos and social media comments: now includes Instagram. Tap on an image marker (Flickr/ Twitter/ Instagram / Picasa icon) to open and view it, tap away from the image on the map to close it.
  • Full screen button - just below the zoom bar
  • Units can be changed on screen
  • Widget code reinstated

Stats and graph view:GPSArt_VladF_TookieBird_stats_graph.JPG


All this makes a track even more worth sharing! 
Use the share buttons and share your tracks on Twitter, Facebook and email.


 Need a bit of a refresher on the subject of tracks?


  • How to link your Twitter / Flickr / Instagram accounts to your ViewRanger app in order for them to display like this on your own track pages?

Log into my.viewranger.com using the same log in as you do for the app.  In the top menu, chose My Account > Plug ins, and enter your Twitter / Flickr / Instagram account details there.  Remember to click on the little question mark by each platform, in order see what other steps you need to complete in-app.

  • What is a widget?

A widget is a simple line of HTML code that allows you to embed the interactive map into a blog oe web page.  This is what the widget of Vlad's route looks like:

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